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Hi, I'm James Cooper, a Christmas fan (and expert!) from the UK.
If you need someone to talk about all things Christmas,
I'm very happy to help!

About Me

Since 2000, I've run, whychristmas?com, which has the most Christmas Information on the web! (My day job is a freelance web designer/developer.) I've always loved Christmas (I'm a very big kid!) and wondered about the 'whys' of Christmas; such as why do we have Santa, why we have Christmas Trees and why do we send Christmas Cards to each other?!

The site was started for teachers at local elementary/primary school. They came to me asking why they couldn't find a site about Christmas that was child friendly and "wasn't trying to sell the kids something"! So I made a little site for them!

That little site has grown and grown and had over well 20 million page loads in December 2020! (That hurts my brain to think about...)

Through running the site, I've become an expert on all things Christmas :)

I'm a Christian, so Christmas is important to me - remembering the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago. But I'm also an all round 'Christmas Nut' listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films throughout the year (The Muppet Christmas Carol is my favourite)!

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